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Funk/Rock/Reggae Fusion
From the mountains to the sea, the Pacific Northwest waters have given rise to Stingshark!
First sighted in the Seattle club scene in 2002, Stingshark sightings are now common in the region and beyond. Led by long time Phat Sidy guitarist Brian "Stingshark" Ray, the group features some of Seattle's top, power-house musicians and a new sound that is electrifying dance floors to a frenzy.
Brian's roots in rock give the music a modern, edgy feel, while his love of funk, reggae, soul, and hip-hop bring layers and flavors to the mix. "Ray has toured extensively, sharing stages with such regional groups as Rubberneck, Maktub, Five Fingers of Funk, Super Sonic Soul Pimps, as well as international names like Fishbone, Morris Day, and The TIme, Joe Higgs, Gregory Issacs, Eek a Mouse, Spearhead, The Roots, and Digital Underground." Locally, Stingshark supports, and is supported by, such acts as Tiffany Wilson, Adrian Xavier, and Marmalade; a cooperation and collaboration that has defined a sound unique to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.
Stingshark has assembled a group of veteran, super-hero players to support the release of the new album "Immateriality" (2018). Other works include: "AKA Sting-Fu" (2003) and "High Freakuency" (2009).
Stingshark is:
Brian "Stingshark" Ray - Guitar
Bob Lovelace - Bass/Guitar
Alex George - Bass
Joey Walbaum - Keyboards
Jon Ryser - Sax
Bill Jones - Trumpet
"Steady and smooth in a rough sea. Stingshark breathes musical fluid and delivers soul grooves that can take you to a special place." ~ Brian "Stingshark" Ray


  • It's a Groove Thang
  • -
  • Stingshark
00:00 / 05:22
  • Upperclass White Trash
  • -
  • Stingshark
00:00 / 05:59
  • Deviousbite
  • -
  • Stingshark
00:00 / 01:33


Immatereality 2018
High Freakuency 2009
a.k.a Sting-Fu 2003





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